Reduce installation time and costs

SMART™ Compi Bar

An alternative solution for garage door applications

Another great innovation from Steel Builders, the SMART™ Compi Bar can be used in place of a traditional PFC + Plate lintel over garage door applications.

Scrap the use of non-load rated cradles when you have the SMART™ Compi Bar designed with the support of SMART™ Telposts.

Carpenters can install and load therefore reducing their overall time on-site and minimise return visits.


Cost reduction of up to 16% when comparing a 250 PFC + SMART™ Compi Bar to a galvanised 5400mm 250 PFC + Plate

Off-the-shelf product: Save on galvanising lead-times

Reduction in on-site installation time

The SMART™ Compi Bar can be easily uninstalled such as if there is a change to the design


From a WHS compliance perspective, reducing the use of non-load-rated cradles and having full access to the garage, based on 1 application of the SMART™ Compi Bar + two supporting SMART™ Telposts per project, and building 20 homes per year, you can look to save on average, $1,800 PLUS any on-site installation costs.

If you opt to continue using cradles and only adopt the SMART™ Compi Bar, building 20 homes per year, you can look to save on average up to $6,650.

PLUS, you have the added benefit of the SMART™ Compi Bar being always in stock, reducing lead times by up to 50%.

Want to know more?

Interested in reading more about the SMART™ Compi Bar? Download a copy of the brochure or contact us to find out how your engineers can substitute this in to your next project!