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    Landscaping steel and steel garden products from Steel Builders are a terrific choice for your next project. As industry leaders, we stock various steel garden products and landscaping supplies with unmatched quality for all job types and projects. From residential builds to civil work, Steel Builders is your go-to destination for landscaping steel. 

    Alongside an extensive range of builders' hardware and structural steel materials, Steel Builders offers a proprietary heavy-duty Smart Retain™ Wall Post system alongside a how-to guide for building a sleeper retaining wall with steel posts in your backyard. Just don’t forget to add appropriate external drainage before your backfill!

    Our steel sleeper retaining wall posts support the soil bed, enhancing the functionality and beauty of your garden. These steel garden products are constructed with pre-drilled holes to accommodate fence brackets and have a Hot Dip Galvanized finish (AS/NZS4680) to prevent corrosion. Our lightweight steel posts have an R3 Durability Rating per AS/NZS 2699:2002, making them considerably stronger than conventional Concrete/Brick Lintels.

    Maintaining construction supply partnerships with 85% of the project builder market in NSW, there’s no better choice for landscaping steel supplies than Steel Builders, your specialist steel supplier for the Domestic Housing Market. Should your project have additional structural steel requirements outside our off-the-shelf range, contact us directly so we can bundle them together. Download our product brochures to learn more about our Smart™ Steel range.

    We offer free quoting for domestic housing projects, competitive lead times, and complete packages to service the Sydney metropolitan area, Wollongong, Newcastle, and Canberra. With a massive collection of structural steel products, including lintels and t-bars, shop online with Steel Builders to access a vast selection of building supplies, including industrial fasteners and a range of smarter solutions across the industry and beyond.

    Get a quote today on a wide selection of structural steel products suitable for building retaining walls.

    4 products
    Smart Retain™ Retaining Wall 45° Corner Posts - Taper Flange Channel (100TFCX50) - Steel Builders
    Smart Retain™ Retaining Wall 45° Corner Posts - Taper Flange Channel (100TFCX50) - Steel Builders
    Smart Retain™ 45° Degree Retaining Wall Corner Post (TFC)
    from $103.69
    Smart Retain™ Retaining Wall 90° Corner Posts - Taper Flange Channel (100TFCX50) - Steel Builders
    Smart Retain™ 90° Degree Retaining Wall Corner Post (TFC)
    from $101.15 Regular price $105.99 Save $4.84
    Smart Retain™ Retaining Wall Posts - Universal Column (100UC14.8) - Steel Builders
    Smart Retain™ H-Beam Retaining Wall Posts (UC)
    from $62.03
    Smart Retain™ Retaining Wall End Posts - Tapered Flange Channel (100TFCx50) - Steel Builders
    Smart Retain™ Tapered Flange Retaining Wall Beam & Channel (TFC)
    from $39.51