Galvanised Steel Flat Bars & Plates

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    Explore Steel Builders' galvanised steel flat bars and plates for durability that’s as tough as nails. Our galvanised steel flat bars and plates are crafted with precision and innovation, setting the gold standard in the NSW domestic market. We don't just offer steel products, we provide steel solutions that exceed expectations. 

    Our solutions exceed expectations—trust our commitment to quality for your projects, as our steel promises long-lasting structural integrity.

    Strength Beyond Standards

    At Steel Builders, it's not just about supplying steel, it's about delivering a complete package of quality, craftsmanship, and reliability. We're proud to supply steel to 85% of the NSW domestic market, a testament to our commitment to excellence. This is what sets Steel Builders apart as the unrivalled choice in Sydney. 

    Engineered with precision, our galvanised steel flat bars and plates showcase exceptional metallurgical qualities, ensuring optimal strength and durability, perfect for construction framing, support brackets or architectural features. Shop online with Steel Builders to access products tailored to meet the diverse needs of builders of projects small and large. Steel Builders is your one-stop destination for smarter solutions in the industry.

    Hassle-Free, Timely Deliveries

    We understand the need for timely deliveries in the construction world. That's why we offer next-day dispatch across the Sydney metropolitan area for a range of off-the-shelf products, including steel flat bars, steel lintels, and more. Benefit from FREE convenient pick-up at our St Mary's or Belmore warehouse, ensuring your structural steel supplies are within reach within 24 hours, without hold-up.

    We go the extra mile to simplify the process of acquiring steel for your next project. Check out our standard lead times for a delivery estimate on all made-to-order products. At Steel Builders, it's not just about steel, it's about providing a seamless experience for builders in the office and online. Explore our product drawings and brochures page for in-depth information for your purchase decisions.

    Steel Solutions for a Seamless Build

    Our processes, product offerings, and overall service are driven by the goal of making the builder's life as straightforward as possible. As well as galvanised steel flat bars and plates, we offer a range of hot and cold-rolled steel products guaranteed to stand the test of time.

    Choose Steel Builders for steel flat bars and plates that don't just meet industry standards – they exceed them. Explore our range, shop online, and experience the Steel Builders' edge, where strength melds with quality. Need more information or a quote? Check our delivery information page, and for more information or to request a quote, contact us today.

    3 products
    Smart Flat Bar™ - 100mm x 10mm - Steel Builders
    Smart Flat Bar™ | 100mm x 10mm
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    Smart Flat Bar™ - 75mm x 10mm - Steel Builders
    Smart Flat Bar™ | 75mm x 10mm
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    Smart Flat Bar™ - 85mm x 7mm - Steel Builders
    Smart Flat Bar™ | 85mm x 7mm
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