Concrete Screws & Masonry Anchor Bolts

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    No matter how big or small your next construction project is, having reliable and durable solutions for fastening into concrete is a must.

    That's why Steel Builders offers a comprehensive range of concrete screws, masonry anchors, and concrete anchor bolts, including M12 Galvanised Through Bolts (Thru Bolts), to suit your project requirements.

    As a leading supplier of structural steel products to the domestic housing market in Australia, we are committed to providing the highest quality components for your project.

    Our concrete screws and masonry anchor bolts feature a torque-controlled setting that generates controlled expansion against the walls of the hole. This feature ensures fast and simple installation, reliable force-controlled settings, and high loading capacity for a secure and stable construction project. In addition to our through bolts, we stock a variety of nuts, washers, and threaded bolts to help keep everything together.

    Choose Steel Builders, the premier steel fabricator and building product supplier in the Australian domestic housing market, for smarter solutions across the industry and beyond.

    Browse our extensive range of structural steel products and building supplies online today, or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific requirements for custom sizes or fabrications.
    For high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and the best in concrete screws, masonry anchors, and concrete anchor bolts, choose Steel Builders. Get a quote today!

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