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    Steel Builders offers a superior range of dependable building and construction materials to ensure your upcoming build hits the mark for quality, every step of the way. As the trusted steel supplier for 85% of the NSW domestic market, we set the industry benchmark for dependability and innovation. This pedigree shines through in our range of building materials, sourced from producers trusted by industry professionals around Australia. Shop our range today, where strength meets quality. It's time to build with the best.

    Unmatched Building Solutions

    Redefine construction with the strength and precision of Steel Builders. Quality building and construction materials aren't the only heavyweight we pack. From steel lintels and T-bars to robust industrial fasteners and industry-leading structural steel, we offer a complete range of high-performance construction and building materials designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Partnering with Steel Builders is more than an investment in exceptional products, it's an investment in a legacy of enduring strength and quality.

    Build With Confidence

    Rapid deliveries ensure seamless project timelines, while our dedication to customer service and communication keeps you informed at every step. Understanding the role timing plays in construction, we guarantee on-time delivery of your building materials, as lead times are consistently met. Our delivery options are as diverse as your projects, so choose the one that suits you best. 

    Lightning-fast next-day dispatch service covers all of Sydney, but if you prefer to call the shots, head to our convenient pick-up options at our St Mary's and Belmore warehouse locations. We don't just deliver steel. We provide confidence with expert fabrication services, solid after-sales support, and expert advice.

    Strength and Support, the Steel Builders' Advantage

    With Steel Builders, quality is built into all our construction and building materials and every facet of the business. There are no substitutes here. Browse our product drawings and brochures to better understand how our sturdy builders’ materials meet your vision. 

    Invest in unrelenting steel strength, get seamless support, and build with excellence. Get a quote today and build with the Steel Builders' edge.

    18 products
    Wall Ties - Stainless Steel
    Sale price $269.04 Regular price $437.22 Save $168.18
    Wakaflex - Lead Free Roof Flashing (5m Roll) - Steel Builders
    Wakaflex - Lead Free Roof Flashing (5m Roll) - Steel Builders
    Wakaflex Lead Free Roof Flashing
    from $228.88
    Black Terracotta Grey
    Ubiflex Finio Waterproof Flashing
    from $186.18
    Lead Roof Flashing Roll
    from $119.14
    Frame Ties - Stainless & Galvanised Steel
    Weepa 25 PACK
    from $63.36 Regular price $134.64 Save $71.28
    Temporary Handrails - Steel Builders
    Temporary Handrails - Steel Builders
    Temporary Roof Safety Handrailing
    Hoop Iron Punch Strap - Steel Builders
    Hoop Iron Builders Strap
    Alligator Ties - Steel Builders
    Alligator Double Brick Ties
    Sale price $34.80 Regular price $38.28 Save $3.48
    Malthoid Flashing - Steel Builders
    Malthoid Roof Flashing & Waterproofing
    from $26.11
    Expansion Ties - Steel Builders
    Brick Expansion Ties - Galvanised
    Sale price $25.48 Regular price $26.69 Save $1.21
    Veneer Ties - Steel Builders
    Brick Veneer Ties - Stainless & Galvanised
    from $23.38 Regular price $81.62 Save $58.24
    Stubby Ties - Steel Builders
    Stubby Ties - Stainless & Galvanised Steel
    from $23.38 Regular price $81.62 Save $58.24
    Metal Slip Joint - Steel Builders
    Pregreased Metal Slip Joint
    from $22.55
    Abelflex Expansion Joint - Steel Builders
    Abelflex Expansion Joint Foam
    from $16.19 Regular price $18.00 Save $1.81
    Alcor Aluminium Dampcourse - Steel Builders
    Alcor Dampcourse - Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
    from $14.38
    Wall Ties - Steel Builders
    Wall Ties - Steel Builders
    Wall Ties - Galvanised
    from $10.84 Regular price $11.92 Save $1.08
    Plastic Dampcourse - Steel Builders
    Polythene Dampcourse
    from $7.50 Regular price $7.85 Save $0.35