Dampcourse & Waterproofing Membrane

2 products

    2 products
    Plastic Dampcourse - Steel Builders
    Polythene Plastic Dampcourse
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    Alcor Aluminium Dampcourse - Steel Builders
    Alcor Aluminium Bitumen Dampcourse
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    The Steel Builders’ range of polythene and aluminium dampcourse is ideal for window, valley and door flashings. Dampcourse plays a vital role as a barrier against water penetration and can deter moisture from rising through concrete slabs and internal walls. Perfect waterproofing membrane for bathrooms, outdoors, or any location with high moisture levels, dampcourse also provides a suitable surface for applying all types of cladding.
    Purchase bitumen coated, fully annealed, and 99% pure Alcor aluminium dampcourse available in a range of widths and thicknesses that complies with Australian Standards, alongside our plastic embossed polyethylene dampcourse.
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