Dampcourse & Membrane Waterproofing

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    Build watertight confidence with Steel Builders' superior dampcourse and membrane waterproofing. Choose from bitumen-coated, fully annealed, or 99% pure Alcor polythene and aluminium dampcourse options, or opt for plastic embossed polyethylene for a durable, lightweight, cost-effective solution. No matter your choice, our extensive range of resilient dampcourse and membrane waterproofing solutions are your impenetrable shields against the elements.

    As the trusted steel supplier for 85% of the NSW domestic market, we set the industry benchmark for quality and innovation. Our team can guide you to the perfect product, and our after-sales support ensures flawless execution. Get a quote today and experience the Steel Builders' edge, where strength meets weatherproof certainty.

    Watertight Confidence Without Delays

    You don’t need to worry about lead-footed delays. Understanding the role timing plays in construction, we guarantee on-time delivery of your dampcourse and membrane waterproofing products, and our lead times are consistently met. Our delivery options are as diverse as your projects, so choose the one that suits you best. 

    Lightning-fast next-day dispatch service covers all of Sydney, but if you prefer to call the shots, head to our convenient pick-up options at our St Mary's and Belmore warehouse locations. We don't just deliver products to help you build, we provide solid after-sales support and expert advice for a completely watertight project.

    Uncompromising Protection, Guaranteed

    Quality is epitomised in all of Steel Builders’ dampcourse and membrane waterproofing products, and every facet of the business. For your next project, browse our product drawings and brochures to gain a better idea of how our products can meet your vision. 

    Invest in unrelenting quality, get seamless support, and build with excellence. Contact us for a quote today and build with the Steel Builders' edge.

    2 products
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    Polythene Dampcourse
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    Alcor Dampcourse - Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
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