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    At Steel Builders, we understand that a solid foundation is the key to any successful construction project. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of industrial adhesives and construction adhesives to ensure your project is completed with precision and professionalism.

    Our extensive selection caters to the diverse needs of our clients, positioning us as a leading steel solutions provider to the domestic housing market in Australia.

    Choose from our heavy-duty, pure epoxy solutions, such as the 
    Ramset REO 502, which is perfect for anchoring threaded studs or reinforcing bars into concrete. This high-performance industrial adhesive is suitable for installation in various conditions, including dry, damp, wet, flooded or underwater environments. It's an all-in-one construction adhesive for diverse anchoring applications, making it an ideal choice for structural reinforcing bar connections in slabs, columns, beams, and walls.

    Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our industrial and construction adhesives offer exceptional strength and durability, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your project's success.

    When you choose Steel Builders, you're selecting an Australian-owned company with over a decade of experience delivering top-quality workmanship and smarter steel solutions.

    Browse our extensive range of 
    structural steel products and building supplies online today, or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific requirements for custom fabrications and structural steel products. For high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and the best in industrial and construction adhesives, choose Steel Builders. Get a quote today!

    1 product
    Chemset Injection Glue REO 502 600ml C/W Nozzle (Ramset) - Steel Builders
    Chemset Injection Glue REO 502 600ml C/W Nozzle (Ramset) - Steel Builders
    Chemset REO 502 (Ramset)