Fabricated Lintels

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    All of our steel products at Steel Builders, including our fabricated lintels, function as the cornerstone of structural support for your project. We supply more than steel, we provide solutions that redefine construction excellence for the modern builder.

    Our fabricated lintels demonstrate our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and reliability, setting the gold standard for quality assurance in the NSW domestic market. They’re designed to withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion and rust, making these lintels ideal for any construction project.

    The Steel Builders’ Edge

    Shop online with Steel Builders to access fabricated lintels, T-bars, and innovative solutions across the industry.  Whether you're working on door and window openings or load-bearing walls, our lintels provide unmatched support and stability for projects of any scale. Additionally, our products are designed for various load-bearing applications and damp-proofing to effectively prevent rising dampness in your structure. 

    We've evolved our processes, refined our products, and expanded our offerings, all with the goal of simplifying the builder's experience. As the leading steel supplier to 85% of NSW’s domestic market, we're your proof of quality. At Steel Builders, we go beyond supplying fabricated lintels, providing a complete package of reliability and support for your projects.

    Access to Premium Steel Fabricated Lintels

    Experience the convenience of next-day dispatch across the Sydney metropolitan area for a range of off-the-shelf steel lintels from Steel Builders. If you need it sooner, enjoy FREE pick-up from our St Mary's or Belmore warehouse so that your structural steel supplies are in your hands within 24 hours. Check our standard lead times for made-to-order products for a delivery estimate.

    We're committed to quality, offering both hot and cold-rolled steel products that meet and exceed industry standards. Explore our product drawings and brochures page for more in-depth information.

    Building Foundations of Excellence

    Our fabricated lintels are pivotal in supporting and stabilising various parts of a building. Steel Builders is the go-to choice for architects and builders seeking reliable solutions, whether for industrial structures, smaller projects, or architectural features.

    Get a quote, check lead times, and experience the Steel Builders' edge – where steel, strength, and success work together. Choose us for fabricated lintels that stand the test of time and elevate your construction projects to new heights. Contact us today or check our delivery information page.

    1 product
    Parallel Flange Channel & Flange Plate (PFC + FL)
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