Nut & Bolt Sets for Structural Steel Construction

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    Steel Builders bolt sets and assemblies are a heavy-duty fastener solution for structural steel fastening. No matter how big or small your project is, we supply a range of galvanised structural bolt assemblies and bolt set products, including M16, M20 and M24, in various lengths from 55mm to 150mm.

    Structural steel fasteners are designed to provide the heavy-duty holds needed in steel building frameworks. They are ideally suited for steel building frameworks, structural steel connections, and fastening applications

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    4 products
    Galvanised Through Bolt - M12 x 80mm - Steel Builders
    M12 Wedge Anchor & Concrete Fastener
    Galvanised Structural Bolt Assembly - M24 - Steel Builders
    M24 Bolt Set (Galvanised)
    from $8.44
    Galvanised Structural Bolt Assembly - M20 - Steel Builders
    M20 Bolt Set (Galvanised)
    from $4.56
    Galvanised Structural Bolt Assembly - M16 - Steel Builders
    M16 Bolt Set (Galvanised)
    from $2.54