Stud Bolts & Chemical Anchor Bolts

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    Galvanised chemical stud bolts from Steel Builders offer high tensile strength for structural steel projects. They can withstand heavy loads and stress, making them ideal for use in applications requiring secure and reliable fastening solutions.

    Our galvanised chemical stud bolts are easy to install and can be used with other steel components, such as nuts and washers, to create a secure and stable connection. Plus, they’re suitable for various environmental conditions and temperatures, making them versatile for various construction projects alongside our range of builders’ hardware.

    Steel Builders has a detailed range of galvanised M12, M16 and M20 Chemical Anchor Studs supported by high-performance, heavy-duty construction adhesives for extra durability and bonding. Each Galvanised Chemical Stud Anchor Bolt includes a nut, washer, and shaft for single and bulk order purchases.

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    3 products
    Galvanised Chemical Stud Bolt M20 x 260mm - Steel Builders
    M20 Stud Bolts (260mm)
    Galvanised Chemical Stud Bolt M16 x 190mm - Steel Builders
    M16 Stud Bolts (190mm)
    Galvanised Chemical Stud Anchor Bolt M12 x 160mm - Steel Builders
    M12 Stud Bolts (160mm)