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A properly installed shower drain can be the difference between staying dry and disaster. The water flowing down your shower drain requires a proper outlet connection; otherwise, you run the risk of flooding. 

With so many different types of drains on offer nowadays (from linear shower drains to grates of all shapes and sizes), there are lessons to be learned about each type before installing one yourself. Whether it’s standard or custom, Steel Builders is here to help you install your shower drain.

How To Install a Linear Shower Drain


Shower Drains

Small Floor Wastes

Small Floor Waste drain products are available in various patterns and sizes to suit a wide range of uses. Welded from 316 stainless steel, these small floor waste drains provide minimal visual impact and a sleek finish that will make your bathroom or shower stand out. 

Linear Shower Drain

We’d love to tell you that you can just dig a hole, throw a grate on top and call it a day. But when it comes to installing a linear shower drain and grate, there’s a whole world of possibilities that go beyond functionality. Shower drains can actually add a great deal of value to your bathroom, with a variety of designs and finishes available. Get creative with your shower drains.

Custom Shower Grates

When a standard shower grate installation doesn’t work, you’ll need to consider a custom shower grate and drain modification to suit your application. We offer three top finishes: line patterns, heelguard or tiled inserts.

Shower Drain


Shower Grate Installation Step by Step

Every bathroom and shower setup is unique. Fortunately, installing a shower grate is similar for concrete slabs, timber structural floors and fibre cement floors. So with that in mind, keep note of your own requirements as you follow our step by step guide on installing a shower grate drain. 

  1. Start by removing everything to expose the drainage point. Depending on your bathroom and drain size, the drainage point will typically be 50mm, 80mm or 100mm in diameter.
  2. With everything out of the way, install the flange onto the floor, followed by your water stop angles
  3. Waterproofing. Following Australian Standards, you’ll need to create a slope towards the floor flange. This ensures that any water that penetrates the grout will flow into the drainage point.
  4. With waterproofing complete, it’s time to install the grate. This is where you can start getting creative. Linear shower drain outlets can be installed in the centre, at either end of your shower or at a custom location.
  5. When a standard shower grate doesn’t work, Steel Builders can customise an existing shower grate to length or custom outlet position, which can be welded into place
  6. Now we have to sand and cement the floor around the shower drain. Remember to leave enough space between the drain to glue your tiles slightly above the drain height.
  7. Fill the joint gap between the shower grate and the tiles with a flexible sealant adhesive to allow for expansion and contraction. Once the sealant has dried, it’s time to enjoy your brand new shower!


The Grates & Drains Configurator

Bathrooms have changed a lot over the years. With shower drains and grates no longer stuck positioned in the middle of the shower, the classic shower grate and drain has shifted from traditional positions and fixtures towards something far more appealing. That’s why we’ve created the Grates and Drains Configurator. If you want to know how to change your shower drain, we can help you find a suitable grate and drain from our range that best suits your requirements with just a few short questions.

Shower Drain Installation

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Steel Builders sell a complete range of stainless steel drains and grates suitable for internal applications, from custom shower grates to standard bathroom drains and floor wastes. 

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