Smart Lintel™️ Compliance

Did you know that using non-compliant lintels could pose serious risks to your project?

Every lintel installed in Australia must bear specific markings for clear identification post-installation. All Steel Builders lintels meet this requirement. As leaders in the industry and trusted suppliers of lintels, we approach compliance with utmost seriousness, understanding its critical role in ensuring structural integrity and quality.

For added peace of mind, we engaged a certified engineer to independently destructively test our extensive range of lintels, further cementing the strength and durability of our Smart Lintels™, which perform without relying on composite action from the brickwork and mortar.

Compliance Signifiers

Here are the necessary markings and requirements for lintels as per the Australian Standard AS2699.3:2020:

Stamped with Authority

Stamped with authority, our Smart Lintels™ are not just built to last; they're permanently marked with our brand, Australian Standard number, and durability classification, ensuring visibility post-installation as mandated by AS2699.3:2020.

Labelled for Transparency

We take immense pride in our Smart Lintels™, prioritising transparency and compliance. Our lintels are labelled with the Australian Standard, durability classification, manufacturer details, and any pertinent limitations.

Tested for Quality Assurance

Going the extra length is standard practice here at Steel Builders. Our lintels undergo rigorous testing at the hands of our specialist team and are hot-dip galvanised to ensure coating thickness meets the 'R3' durability classification outlined in AS2699.3:2020.

Choose the Benchmark for Lintel Excellence

Download our reference flyer or reach out to our experts for further guidance and information. 

At Steel Builders, we take lintel compliance seriously, guaranteeing toughness, durability, and reliability. Explore our range of industry-leading steel lintels today.

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