on-site precision with

SMART™ Adapta-Post

A smarter alternative to fabricated fixed posts

Looking to save money, time and receive a superior surface finish?! SMART Adapta-Post. The SMART™ Adapta-Post is your one-stop-shop for replacing a traditional fabricated fixed height post with a galvanized, adjustable structural post.


Cost reduction of up to $135 per post compared to a traditional alternative

Adaptable vertical height for on-site adjustments to the millimetre

5 shaft heights to choose from

Interchangeable heads and bases

Off-the-shelf product: Save on galvanising lead-times

50% reduction on fabrication/production lead-time

Engineer Approved


Save time AND money AND get a superior surface finish with the SMART™ Adapta-Post, replacing the need for traditional fabricated fixed-height posts.

Save up to $135 per post, when compared to a traditional 75x75x5 HDG SHS.

When compared to the primed traditional alternative, reap the benefits of a galvanised product for the cost of a primed alternative.

Based on an average of 6 posts per project, and building 20 homes per year, you can look to save over $16,000!


Want to know more?

Interested in reading more about the SMART™ Adapta-Post? Download a copy of the brochure or contact us to find out how your engineers can substitute this in to your next project!