Solve all height issues

SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post

Adjustable solution to fixed height alternatives

The SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post is an adjustable solution for garage door applications where traditionally a fixed height stub post may be used.

The SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post provides a long term cost saving and improves the overall build time; Where variances in brick gauge, slab heights and garage door beam placements can cause site delays and costly siteworks, the SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post provides a +/-50mm vertical and 600mm horizontal adjustment.

Warranty calls and site welding costs can be decreased or eliminated with the added bonus of the SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post being able to be installed at the time of the crane being present.


Improve build time

On site adjustments to the millimetre

Decrease site weld costs

Engineer Approved


Being a completely adjustable and flexible product, the SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post provides a significant cost reduction in warranty calls and site welding, which can lead to site delays.

For one of our clients already adopting the SMART™ Adjustable Stub Post solution, where the product did not provide a like-for-like cost-saving, the site works costs were significantly reduced, saving close to $4,000 in site work fees.


Want to know more?

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