Smart™ Construction Lintels

Steel Builders supplies a range of off-the-shelf construction lintel solutions available for next-day dispatch. Lintels are horizontal structural supports that span an opening, such as a window or a door. Used between walls or two vertical supports, our galvanised Smart Lintels™, Smart R-Bars™, Smart Shelf Angles™ and Smart Hot-Rolled Angles™ can be used to support vulnerable points in a building’s structure for load-bearing purposes. Steel Builders also stock pre-stressed concrete lintels made from high strength concrete making them ideal for highly corrosive environments such as coastal locations.
We’re creating smarter solutions across the industry and beyond. Shop with Steel Builders online today to view our entire range of construction lintels, window lintels, door lintels and brick lintels! If you require more custom fabrications, contact us directly and receive a quote today!
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